Custom Tailored Suits You Design

For Less Than A Department Store

How It Works


The first step, and most fun, is designing your suit! You’ll get to choose everything from the color, the type of lapel, number of buttons, and more!


 The next step is production. Our tailors meticulously create your suit through a 590 step process to ensure everything is perfect and no detail is overlooked.


 Once your suit is completed it will be shipped to you. It takes 4-5 weeks from the time your order is placed to the time your new suit arrives at your door.

Traditional Suit Buying

Mass Produced

Pushy Sales Tactics and Upsells

What You See Is What You Get

Have To Spend More For Tailoring ($75+)

Exotic Bespoke

100% Custom Made

Straightforward Pricing

You Design Your Suit

Arrives Tailored

Select A Template Below To Get Started

Select a suit below and customize it to make it your own or choose from one of our pre-desinged ones.

Charcoal Grey Suit

The Specialist

Best Combination Of Affordability And Quality

  • Fabric Is a Wool/Polyester Blend
  • Half Canvassed
  • Fabric Quality Ranges From Super 110-130


Exotic Bespoke Man With Blue Suit On Street

The Professional

100% Wool suits that are great for every occasion.

  • All Fabric Choices Are 100% Wool
  • Half Canvassed
  • Fabric Quality Ranges From Super 120-140


Most Popular

Blue Double Breasted Suit

The Executive

Made with the highest quality wool and tailoring

  • Fabric Is 100% Wool Or Wool/Silk Blend
  • Fully Canvassed
  • Fabric Quality Ranges From Super 130-150


Traditional Retailer VS. Exotic Bespoke

Exotic Bespoke Why Were Better

This is how you save money and get a better suit at the same time!