The Godfather’s Suit

I’m Going To Make You an Offer You Can’t Refuse…

One of the most iconic suits in cinema is The Godfather’s suit. The opening scene sets the stage for one of the most iconic and powerful characters in film that is still well known (and quoted) today.

I remember when I first watched The Godfather series. I was 17 or 18 and really didn’t appreciate the stupendous acting job of Marlon Brando and the deep story that still holds up to this day. When I rewatch them now though, I can’t help but notice the attention to detail and the rich character developments. One of my favorite aspects of the film are the suits. There are more suits in the movie to cover in a single post, but I did want to cover one specific suit which is the Godfather’s Suit. Throughout the movie, Marlon Brando wears a number of different suits but his tuxedo is the very first one we see him in and, in my eyes, is one of the most iconic of all the Godfather films. 

What I loved about his first suit (the tuxedo) is how it communicates power and authority that compliments Marlon’s acting. I want to give a breakdown of the Godfather’s suit and how such a piece of clothing can communicate power and domination.


The Godfather's Suit

You Come to Me on My Daughter’s Wedding Day….

All weddings give images of tuxedos, overpriced flower arrangements, and of course the bride walking down the aisle. The Godfather is a bit different though. On such an auspicious occasion, instead of giving his daughter his full and undivided attention, he is so sought after and respected that he is helping others.

There are a few aspects of The Godfather’s suit that communicate power and respect. First, is the wide lapel. A wide lapel is not as common these days and was indicative of suits of gangsters and individuals of power. But even today, a wide lapel can communicate a large and spread personality. Similar to someone sitting on a couch outstretching their arms along the back. It shows ‘this is my territory’ and no one should question it. As for the color of the label, a satin lapel is quite traditional when it comes to wedding tuxedos and celebratory occasions.

The Godfather's Tuxedo

The second aspect of the Godfather’s Suit that communicates his power and dominance is the rose. This brilliant detail has a sceintific backing that further communicates power.

Power In The Details

The red rose of the jacket lapel was a great addition to to the suit as the color red, according to the peer reviewed journalcaptures attention and facilitates congruent motor response, particularly in an emotional context. Basically, it grabs an individual’s attention and portrays both positive (being a family man, helping others) and negative aspects (being a crime boss). It is interesting to note that the rest of the wedding party only wears a white flower on their lapel, further cementing the Godfather’s position and importance to the family.


Parts of The Godfather’s Suit

The Godfather’s Tuxedo has the following characteristics,

  • A satin wide notch lapel
  • Two jacket buttons
  • Double welt satin pockets
  • Three functional jacket sleeve buttons


If you ever wanted the Godfather’s Suit, you can customize your very own here.


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