James Bond Suits

There are few more iconic characters in the film industry than James Bond. Bond always has a timeless style that men and women love that can be seen with the numerous suits he wears throughout the series 50-year history. James Bond’s suits stand the test of time and are some of the most talked about aspects of the entire series. I remember watching Thunderball when I was younger. I still love the SCUBA scenes and fell equally in love with Bond’s cool, calm, and calculated personality. Nothing can shake him. Watching Thunderball began a lifelong admiration of Bond and his style. So, I want to break down my three favorite James Bond suits and why I love them so much.



Before I break down my top three suits, I have to mention the craftsmanship and detail in each of Bond’s suits. Perhaps the most important aspect of all of Bond’s suits is that they fit, and they fit well. Even with a cheap suit, you can make it look its best by tailoring it properly. We custom make all of our suits to our customer’s measurements at Exotic Bespoke. This way, you get your suit ready to wear as soon as it arrives and you save money by not having to go to the tailor. And if it doesn’t fit right, we reimburse you $50 to get it corrected.


Favorite James Bond Suits


James Bond Skyfall Tuxedo

My first, and favorite of all of James Bond suits, is the dark blue tuxedo he wore in Skyfall. What makes this suit my favorite is the color, uniqueness, and shawl satin lapel. The color, according to the movie, is called ‘midnight black’. We use a very similar color in our suits called dark navy blue. This midnight blue color is quite dark and looks almost black in low light areas. Also of particular interest is the lapel. Bond’s jacket has what’s known as a shawl lapel. These lapels are most commonly found on formal and smoking jackets. They are also usually black and satin for an added sheen that gives it an extra regal look one may need for a formal event. Overall, this is a really sharp suit whos style is unique enough where there is only one other bond film this type of jacket appears.


James Bond's suits

James Bond’s Skyfall suit

 In the very first movie, Dr. No, we see Bond wearing an all black tuxedo with that iconic shawl lapel. While in the casino, he delivers his famous tagline with such cool confidence it will be repeated throughout the centuries. James Bond Dr. No Suit

Bond; James Bond

Goldfinger Three Piece Suit

My second favorite Bond suit is the three piece grey suit you see him wear in Goldfinger. First of all, I love grey suits. They strike a great balance between professionalism and casual so you can wear them in just about any occasion. What’s really important about light colored and grey suits is how much brighter the fabric is compared to black or navy suits. This is particularly important when it comes to hot climates and instances where you may be outside in the sun for long periods. This may be why Bond chose his grey suit as while playing golf with Goldfinger in the first place. The addition of a vest to any suit also gives you the option to still look formal even if you need to take the jacket off. You may notice Bond’s vest lower button is unbuttoned on his vest. There is an interesting story as to why we have a ‘rule’ to never have it buttoned. Finally, another small detail about this James bond suit are the pant pleats. If you look at Bond’s trousers, you will notice two folded creases near his pockets. These pleats do little more than add a personal touch to a suit and are also commonly seen in more formal suits.

James Bond Suits

James Bond Goldfinger Suit


The World Is Not Enough Casual Suit

The final of the James Bond suits I love is the high quality suit Pierce Brosnan wore in The World is Not Enough. I grew up with Brosnan as Bond and The World Is Not Enough still holds as one of my all time favorite Bond films. This movie has it all; a fast boat chase, skiing with killer snowmobiles, and a nuclear submarine. The scope of this move is immense and has some iconic set pieces and locations. This suit, in particular, is the one Bond wears near the end of the movie. This James Bond suit is noticeably lightweight and most likely made from cotton or linen. It sports a light beige color that helps reflect as much sunlight as possible which keeps it cooler. Both linen and cotton suits are lighter, breath easier, and sometimes do not have an inner lining to them to assist with ventilation. One of the downsides of synthetic fibers you find is cheaper suits (like nylon or rayon) is they do not breathe well and tend to trap more heat than their natural fiber counterparts. This Bond suit stands out so much because of how uncommon we see non-dark suits throughout the bond films; and I love how casual the suit is which provides that contrast to Bond’s other suits.

James Bond Suit

James Bond The World Is Not Enough Suit


These are only 3 of the many many James Bond suits seen throughout the films. I would love to know which Bond suit you love by leaving a comment below.