John Wicks Suit

If you don’t know much about Keanu Reeves (or the movie John Wick), he has quite the interesting life. After the Matrix Trilogy, Keanu’s acting career became a bit complacent. But, after the Box office success of John Wick, Keanu Reeves is in our hearts and minds again. John Wick was a great action movie that had us rooting for him the entire film. It was, after all, a revenge movie. There are a lot of details that went into Wicks role but one character point that makes John Wick great was the wardrobe selection. Not only was the wardrobe selection of the entire cast on point, but John Wicks suit portrayed his personality just as well as Keanu Reeves did.

John Wicks suit

Dark, like his soul

The first time we see John Wicks suit is in the opening scene. I want to keep this spoiler free as possible so I’ll only be using vague and non-important images and descriptions. In order to really analyze John Wicks suit though, we have to look at the first time he truly ‘gets ready’. It is in this scene that you notice all of the small details and colors that truly make this a great suit.

Breakdown of John Wicks Suit

To really appreciate John’s suit, there are several key points that make his suit especially memorable. The first important detail in Johns Wicks suit is that it is especially maneuverable which allows him to move much easier. One way this is accomplished is the styling choice of having double vents on the back of his jacket. Double vents may not seem like much of a big deal, but they add a bit more mobility when making large gestures like throwing punches and disarming bodyguards. So if you like to have that little bit extra mobility (or have a likelyhood of getting in large fights), get a jacket with double vents.

John Wicks suit

Next is the form factor. Having a suit that fits well and is properly tailored is paramount to be able to move freely and be as comfortable as possible. When getting your suit tailored, you can also make specific requests. It is quite apparent John Wick had his suit specially tailored to fit the accouterment needed to complete his missions. Extra space in specific places for knives, guns, and more magazines is imperative when going into a dangerous situation. At Exotic Bespoke, we tailor all of our customer’s suits during the creation process so if you need to exact revenge on someone, and need space for your James Bond esque gadgets, we got your back.

Just your average EDC

Finally, the color of John Wicks suit is something to take note of. I believe the dark color was chosen to reflect Johns dark mental condition and what goes on in his mind. For example, throughout the movie, he is recognized by many old acquaintances and they are all surprised about his ‘situation’ and how he has decided to come back. In general, black suits, tend to be the most common. So having the midnight blue shirt was a deliberate decision to represent his dark attitude. Without going too far into spoiler territory, John experiences some serious trauma and has no choice but to revisit an old life. I also believe the all-black suit shows how dark and malevolent John has (possibly still is) become in order to return to an old life. And to wrap up on the color, it has been proven that dark colors hide weight and make the wearer seem smaller/skinner. One could say it’s reasonable  John Wicks suit is dark in order to hide his inventory that he keeps on his person. Nevertheless, the black suit and midnight blue dress shirt look very sharp on Keanu Reeves and was a great decision by the costume designers.

Closing Thoughts

To recap, John Wick is an incredible character. His stoic demeanor and kick-ass attitude are amplified by his wardrobe. When watching the movie I couldn’t help but want to get involved with Krav Maga again and train with a suit. The choreographed fight scenes are really well done. I don’t know where along the cinematic history where directors thought fight scenes should be a seizure-inducing back and forth shots, but John Wick is a breath of fresh air. If you haven’t already, go watch the movie; if for no other reason than to see the wardrobe stylings and John Wicks suit. It’s an action movie with not the deepest plot, but man, it is pretty deep. And finally, if you want to look as good as Keanu Reeves, in John Wick you can go customize your very own John Wick suit and be your own action hero.

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