The Specialist – Summer Traveler


  • Suit Creation

    Select a fabric color group.


    How many buttons would you like your suit to have?


    What kind of lapel would you like your jacket to have?

    Jacket Vents

    Would you like vents on your jacket?

    Jacket Pockets

    What kind of pockets would you like on your jacket?

    Trouser Pleats

    Would you like any pleats (seams) on your trousers?

    Trouser Cuff

    Would you a cuff on your trousers?

    Body Shape


    Select your posture.


    Select the chest size that best matches yours.


    Select the abdomen size that best matches yours.


    Select the seat size that best matches yours.


    Choose the image that best represents your shoulders.


    A great looking suit is only half the equation, having one that fits really makes the difference. So, In this section, you will fill out your suit measurements. Follow our guide and the video tutorials to make it as clear and easy as possible. Our PDF guide can be found HERE and can get printable tailors tape HERE if you do not have one.

    Suit Fit

    How would you like your suit to fit?

    Would You Like To Enter Custom Measurements for A Perfect Fitting Suit?

    Clothing Sizes By Country

    Which sizing system do you follow when measuring clothing/suits?

    Suit Jacket Size

    Chest Size

    What size is your suit jacket?

    Jacket Length

    What is your suit jacket length?


    Height can be in feet/inches or centimeters.


    Is your height in feet/inches or centimeters?

    Trouser Size

    Trouser Waist

    Your trouser waist size.

    Trouser Length

    Your trouser length.

    Measurements are preferred to be in centimeters for a more accurate fit, but inches may also be used.

    Neck Circumference

    Chest Circumference

    Shoulder Width

    Sleeve Length

    Bicep Circumference

    Wrist Circumference

    Stomach Circumference

    Hip Circumference

    Jacket Length

    Jacket Waist

    Waist Circumference

    Trouser Length

    Trouser Rise

    Thigh Circumference

    Knee Size

    Your Height & Weight Without Shoes

Additional information

Weight4 oz
Lapel Type

Notch, Peak, Shawl


Ash Grey, Black, Black Stripe, Black Subtle Plaid, Blue de France, Cerulean, Charcoal Grey, Charcoal Grey Plaid, Dark Blue, Dark Burgundy, Dark Grey, Dark Grey Plaid, Dark Purple, Green, Grey, Grey Plaid, Grey Stripe, Light Beige, Light Brown Stripe, Light Ivory, Navy Blue, Navy Blue Chalk Stripe, Navy Blue Subtle Plaid, Navy Blue Subtle Stripe, Red, Sky Blue, Tan, Taupe, White


2 Buttons, 3 Buttons, 4 Buttons, Double Breasted, Single


Double Pleat, No Pant Pleat, Single Pleat


Double Welt Pocket, Flap Pocket, Patch (Outside) Pocket, Slanted Pocket


Double Vents, No Vent, Single Vent


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